Gatorfoam is an extruded polystyrene foam board bonded between two layers of
                    Luxcell® wood-fiber veneer.


Great for indoor use
Able to match Pantone and most major-brand paints
Can apply printed or cut vinyl to faces
Available in satin or gloss finish
Lightweight and easy to install
Thicknesses from 1" to 2" or laminate layers to attain 12" thick or more
Cost $$

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8" version of DOLCE, on-site.
2" SYMPHONY Painted satin.
UltraPlus layered. 12" thick and 8' high. Painted PMS satin white & blue. Beautiful!
UltraPlus painted satin and layered. 1/2" on 1.5".
Multi- layered, multi-coloured gives you maximum impact.
3 layers total gives a stunning look using various thicknesses & colours.
1" edge border. Text painted satin to match PMS brown & 208 red over 1" white panel.
UltraPlus allows you to apply printed or Avery to face and still add layers on top.
Installed on-site and illuminated with pot lights.
1/2" logo painted satin, attached/ taped to glass.
1" painted satin blue on 1/2" panel painted satin white.
Assembled and ready to package for shipping.
2" UltraPlus painted PMS satin blue & green. Siliconed to glass windows
1" UltraPlus painted satin. Positive- and negative-cut letters & lower bar. Vinyl applied by client.
1" UltraPlus, sides painted blue. Printed vinyl applied to faces by client.
1/2" UltraPlus painted satin silver.
Virtual sample
1" satin white faces with black returns and red is painted satin faces and sides.
Letters fastened to wall with silicone adhesive and 1/4" wooden dowels.
1" painted satin white & blue, slilconed to wall.
1" UltraPlus, sides only painted black. Vinyl printed and applied by customer.
3 different thicknesses of UltraPlus
To attain overall thickness of 1.5".
All painted satin. Assembled by us.
Africa is 1", Castle and "p" are 1/2", "eak" are 1.5". Flag is vinyl applied to Komacel to match PMS orange.
1" UltraPlus painted Gloss PMS 485C & black. Tagline is vinyl by client.
1" UltraPlus painted PMS green & black. Blue & white are vinyl by client.
Final product, installed onto drywall  behind reception area.
1" UltraPlus painted satin PMS 382C, 186C & 4625C. 11' wide. Pieces fit together like a puzzle.
1" UltraPlus. Text painted satin red & green. Flower has sides painted, face is vinyl by client.
2" UltraPlus painted satin white. House & logo are digital prints  by client.
1/2" UltraPlus Circle. Text & slice are 1". All painted satin. Sign sent out assembled.