Painted PVC

Great for indoor or outdoor use
Able to match Pantone and popular paint colours
Can apply printed or cut vinyl to faces
Available in satin or gloss finish
Thicknesses from 1/8" to 1"
Able to add pins for flush mount or pins & standoffs
Cost $$$

Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC, is a thermoplastic. Many popular brand names include InteCel, Sintra & Komacel.

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PVC with Laminated faces

All the characteristics as painted PVC PLUS
A laminate creates the illlusion of a metal letter/ sign
Can engrave after laminating and create stunning look
Finishes include: Brushed Aluminum, Stainless, Gold, Copper, Bronze
Polished Chrome, Gold & Copper
* Other laminates available upon request
Painted PVC
PVC Laminated with Octolux
1/2" painted satin. Attached to curved wall with pins & standoffs.
23" x 16" K. 1/4" painted satin white. Body painted PMS satin green. Taped to Alupanel.
Pin pattern attached to 2" thick, double-sided cedar monument sign for installation.
Exterior, 1/2" painted satin.
Taped & siliconed to bulkhead.
Brushed Octo faces on 4" & 8" tall letters. Flush mounted with pins to monument sign.
Brushed Octo letters & brown satin-painted oval border taped to satin-painted oval backer.
1/4" & 1/2" thick, painted satin white and taped to wall.
Engraved, brushed bronze Octolux rectangle. 1/2" thick text, flush mounted with pins to wall.
Brushed bronze Octolux on 3/4" Komacel. Engraved 1/4" deep. All visual surfaces painted flat black. Flush mounted with pins to wall.
1/2" painted satin black & white, taped to glass.
Circle is two pieces of 2" UltraPlus painted satin. Diameter is 76". OMNI is 2" foam painted flat white.
Swirls are vinyl by client.
1" Komacel painted satin PMS blue. With pins & 3/4" standoffs.
1/8" & 1/4" thick,  painted satin & pinned to wood-lam. bulkhead,
Final product: Brushed Alum. Octolux on PVC. Logo is 1" thick, cutline is 1/2" thick. Pins for flush mount throughout.
Brushed aluminum Octolux on 1" Komacel, sides painted silver.
1/4" PVC painted satin white on 1/2" MDO panel painted black.
Brushed aluminum Octolux on 1/2" Komacel, sides painted silver. Extra pins were added for easier installation. Select Realty was mounted to clear plexi and pin-mounted to stone wall.
Virtual sample
Virtual sample
1/2" & 3/4" painted satin. On a curved wall with pins & standoffs. Replaced invis (seen left) .
1/2" Komacel painted satin black, burgundy & PMS green, over vinyl.
1" Komacel painted satin white, Printed vinyl applied to circle by customer.
1/2" Komacel painted satin PMS green.
1/2" Komacel painted satin black. Taped to reception wall.
1/2" thick, painted satin. Taped & glued to bulkhead.
1/2" & 3/4" Komacel painted Gloss PMS blue, green & purple. Taped & glued to 8' wide MDO site sign.
1 Komacel. Client-printed graphics on face. Pins and standoffs. Overall size, 47" x 93". Recessed areas backed with foam for support.
Brushed Octo faces on 1/2" & 3/4" Komacel. Standoffs were increased by 1/4" increments to enhance the 3D look.
Brushed aluminum Octolux on 1/2" Komacel for branch & Ridge. Remainder painted satin grey & white.
Brushed Alum. Alupanels, 10' wide. 1/2" Komacel painted satin for "KINGSTON" & beige frames.
Graphics by client.
Specialty Lam. Chemetal #310 Antique Brushed Brass on 1" Komacel, sides painted to match.
Phenolic Lam. good for indoor use only.
Brushed aluminum Octolux on 1/2" Komacel.
Subtle and elegant.
1/2" Komacel painted satin black & PMS green, Printed vinyl adds the finishing touch to logo.
1/2" Komacel painted satin black & PMS 654 blue. 1/8" acrylic painted satin white overlay. Pins & standoffs for letters & square.
1/4" Sintra satin-painted, over 1/2" Komacel satin-painted black panel. 2 panels: 1 w/ french cleats, 1 w/ pins for mounting.
1/2" Komacel painted satin brown Logo overlay is 1/8" Sintra painted satin 3 colours.Pins for flush mount.