Painted or Brushed Aluminum


The highest quality and the best look
Great for indoor or outdoor use & won't rust
Able to match Pantone and popular paint colours
Available in satin or gloss finish
Thicknesses from .063" to 1/2"
Able to add pins for flush mount or pins & standoffs
Cost $$$$$

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1/4" brushed faces, with gloss clearcoat
1/4" & 3/8" painted on 1/4" brushed aluminum panel
Backlit sign. 1/4" thick panels satin-painted, with negative cut design and translucent white backer. Alum square tube frame. 1/4" backplate with screwed-on, removable access panel.
1/4" painted satin black. Pinned to metal strips and attached to monument sign.
Painted satin & pinned into mortar and stone monument sign.
Satin-clearcoat on 1/4" alum. flush mounted with pins,  wayfinding sign.
1/2" aluminum, gold-annodized. On exterior wall using pins & 1/4" standoffs.
Virtual sample
1/2" aluminum was routed & engraved. Pin holes were then added manually. Client then had it rolled to fit a curved wall. We then painted it satin black and client infilled engraved areas white.
Painted & "Decaled" 1/4" acrylic on satin-painted 1/8" alum. Double sided, hanging sign: Avery & printed vinyl on 1/4" acrylic painted satin blue.
Virtual sample
1/2" brushed alum, painted with satin clearcoat. 1/2" pins for flush mount. Overall size, 10" x 19'.
1/4" satin letters taped & machine screwed to 1/8" powdercoated
panel. Small text is vinyl.
1/4" satin plate, engraved leaf & black border painted by client. Letters , 1/4" satin-painted.
AVONDALE, 1/2" brushed alum, with pins & standoffs. Externally lit from above & below.
1/4" aluminum, painted satin to match 2 PMS colours & black. Pins for flush mount. 17" x 8'.
1/4" brushed & clearcoated panel. 1/4" & 3/8" gloss coated letters taped to face.
1/8" brushed solid aluminum, engraved and infilled black by us. Fillagree is vinyl by client.
1/4" aluminum taped to windows. Brushed & Gloss clearcoated & painted Gloss166C Orange & 368C Green.
1/4" brushed & engraved, then infilled by Tylor Products. PMS green and black. Pins for flush mount in back.
1/4" brushed alum. panel. 1/2" satin-painted acrylic taped to face. Pins & standoffs in back for reception wall.
1/2" Tooling Plate (57" x 67") (highlighted) & posts, painted satin. Pin holes drilled for 3rd party letters. Crated & shipped for on-site assembly to Cedar sign.
1/4" thick letters painted satin. Pins for flush mount.
COLISEUM: 1/2" brushed aluminum with pins for flush-mounting.