Acrylic (Plexi)

Painted & Clear Acrylic

Great for indoor or outdoor use
Able to match Pantone and popular paint colours
Has beautiful, smooth returns
Can apply printed or cut vinyl to faces
Available in satin or gloss finish
Thicknesses from 1/8" to 1"
Able to add pins for flush mount or pins & standoffs
Cost $$$$

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Acrylic with Laminated faces (MetaPlex)

All the characteristics as painted Acrylic... PLUS
Signs create the illlusion of a metal letter/ sign
Finishes include: Brushed Aluminum, Stainless, Gold, Copper, Bronze
Polished Chrome, Gold & Copper
* Other laminates available upon request
Painted Acrylic
Acrylic Laminated with Octolux
Clear Acrylic
Clear acrylic, back-painted to give deep rich look. Satin-painted letters taped to face.
Polished Chrome Octolux on 1" acrylic, sides painted silver.
1" clear acrylic welded to clear litebox panel. Vinyl applied to letter faces and panel. Sides of letters allow light thru.
1/4" acrylic painted satin, on .080 vinyl-covered aluminum.
1/4" black, unpainted acrylic and
3 PMS colours painted satin. On-site installation
A nice way to enhance any conference room.
Information signage at its best
On Aluminum backer.
VOLVO, 3/4" push-thru letters in backlit pylon. Routed aluminum panel painted satin.
Brushed aluminum Octolux on 1/2" acrylic. Mounted onto brick  wall with pins & standoffs.
Get lots of depth. 2nd surface/ negative-cut Etchmark on 3/4".
With Standoffs & Stainless caps
Smaller version flush mounted on reception wall.
Special-order Laminate. WilsonArt #6262 & painted to match Benj. Moore #2140-40 (Storm Cloud Grey) on 1/4" acrylic. Overall width 58".
1/2" MetaPlex, silver sides, with 1/8" red acrylic applied to faces. Mounted to stone wall with pins & 1/2" standoffs.
Layered 1/2" acrylic painted gloss red, yellow & blue. On clear 1/4" acrylic backer.
Brushed aluminum Octolux on 1/2" acrylic, sides painted black.
Brushed stainless Octolux on 3/4" acrylic, sides painted silver.
1/2" Acrylic with assorted finishes. MetaPlex, satin-painted black, all taped & glued to entrance wall.
1/4" acrylic painted seven PMS colours. Taped to brushed MetaPlex panel ready to install.
Identification Signage. Projecting & wall mount signs. Vinyl on satin-painted acrylic.
Painted & "Decaled" 1/4" acrylic on satin-painted 1/8" aluminum. Double sided, hanging sign: Avery & printed vinyl on 1/4" acrylic painted satin blue.
1/4", satin-painted acrylic on 1/8" aluminum panel. Panel covered with printed vinyl.
Virtual sample
Virtual sample
Brushed Copper on 1/4" acrylic
Sides painted to match. Stooled off wall using 1" standoffs.
Brushed Aluminum Octolux on 1/4" acrylic, sides painted silver.
1/2" acrylic painted 4 PMS colours with gloss finish. Pins and 1/2" standoffs used for larger letters. Smaller letters were mounted flush to wall.
3/8" acrylic painted satin white and 1 PMS colour. Flush mounted to wall. Smaller text is 1/4" acrylic.
3/8" acrylic, painted satin PMS 194U, 429C & Black. Mounted to wall with pins & 1/2" standoffs.
Brushed Aluminum Octolux on 1/4" acrylic, sides painted silver.
Layered acrylic. 1/8", 1/4", & on 1" background. Pins for wall mounting. All painted satin. Assembled by us.
1/2" acrylic pieces (laurel & text) painted satin white and metallic gold. White vinyl applied by Tylor Products.
Pieces mounted through back of 1/4" acrylic panel painted PMS 2935C using countersunk pins. Panel has pins for flush mounting to wall. Fully assembled.
1/2" acrylic painted satin, 2 shades of gold. With pins for flush mounting. The "2" is a 1/8" overlay.
1/4" for logo & 3/8" for lower text. Acrylic painted satin silver. Letters taped by us for install.
3/8" acrylic,  3 PMS colours painted satin. Mounted to customer-supplied tempered glass, backed with 3M "frost" vinyl (Etchmark).
First, 1/2" acrylic panel is painted grey. Next, panel is then masked with vinyl, leaving only inside triangle. Area is then painted yellow.
Acrylic is masked. Red & white areas are engraved, sanded, then painted. Once mask is removed, the yellow and grey areas are exposed. All inside edges are beveled.
1" acrylic triangle painted satin red. Yellow is satin-painted 1/2" acrylic, with beveled edges taped to face. Includes pins for flush mount and install pattern.
Brushed Alum. Octolux on clear acrylic. Returns painted with a gloss clearcoat. Letters taped by us for attaching to acrylic panel.
1/4" thick for logo & 3/8" thick for text. Pins and standoffs for all.
1/4" acrylic painted satin black. Drops and globe are vinyl by client. H has pins and standoffs.
Tree is clear acrylic with faces only painted satin black. Text  faces and returns painted black.
Jewellers - 1/4" unpainted black acrylic. All letters have pins and 1/2" standoffs.
3/8" acrylic, with pins and standoffs attached to irregular surface.
Special-order Octolam 584 PF laminate on 1" Komacel.
Swoosh painted  PMS 137 & Text returns, painted PMS 411C brown.
1/4" white opaque & 1/4" black acrylic for text. Panel is 1/4" acrylic wrapped in vinyl by client.
All taped to window.
1" clear acrylic painted with gloss clearcoat. To be taped to wall.
1/8" acrylic painted satin silver over 1/4" acrylic painted satin black. For external use on cabins c/w two pins in back for easy attachment.
1/4" acrylic painted satin silver. Engraved and infilled by Tylor Pro. Produced to match existing outdoor wayfinding singage.
1/2" clear acrylic painted red, engraved and gloss clearcoated. Satin-painted 1/4" acrylic on face.
3/4 view showing standoffs
1/4" & 3/8" acrylic painted PMS 287C & 485C & satin. BCAA neg cut. Oval & CAA are positive cut. Taped to 18" x 64" acrylic panel. Assembled
3/4 view showing letters fitting together. 1/2" PVC French cleats installed on backs for easy hanging
Brushed stainless Octolux on 1/4" unpainted black acrylic. Oval is 1/2" acrylic painted satin blue
1/4" & 1/2" acrylic painted satin red & black. Tree trunks notched for snug fit to red circles. Pins & 1/2" standoffs for all.
1/4" acrylic painted gloss, Pantone blue & metallic gold.
Pins and standoffs all around.
Brushed Alum. Octolux on 1/2" acrylic, sides painted to match. Pins and standoffs.
Halo effect: top layer 1/4" black acrylic on 1/2" clear acrylic with engraved slot 3/8" deep, to house LEDs (attached by client). Pins are 1.5" long, 1/8" dia. w/ 1/2" standoffs.
Outer circle: 3/4" clear acrylic back-painted silver & rounded-over & gloss clearcoated.
W: painted blue on face, silver on back, engraved and gloss clearcoated.